IDG Residential Designs is multi-discipline custom home design firm located in Marietta, Georgia. We bring over 20 years of design and construction knowledge to the custom home design and building market. Whether it be a large custom home or an addition to your existing home, every project receives the same time and effort with IDG Residential Designs.

Here at IDG Residential Designs, we have the belief that your home is an essential part of your everyday life. We create home designs with the goal of you being excited every time you come home to your house. We have an excellent understanding of a home’s essential proportions and scale. IDG Residential Design’s design process is the expression of the dialog between our clients and the designers. Since we have also built and constructed homes, we have more than just a designers eye; we have an understanding of the scope of work and cost involved with building a new custom home or adding to your existing home.


Our Story

Kevin Lindy began his career with his father, William Lindy, at William Lindy Residential Designs, in 1992. He started learning the basics essentials home design by dimensioning plans that his father had designed. Throughout the years, his father taught him more and more about the fundamentals of design that help create a great home design. One of the main beliefs that William instilled in Kevin is that, you, as the client, will live in the home
and we, the designers, do not. From that he learned that listening and understand what his client was wanting and desiring in their home is essential in creating their dream home. After understanding the clients basic needs, Kevin then applies the basic elements of architecture and design to the design of their home. This is how IDG Residential Designs creates quality house design resulting in exceptional living spaces.

In 2006, he branched out on his own and began designing and building custom homes. Kevin’s first project was a 16,000 SQ. FT. Mediterranean Style home that he designed for a client. During the process of working on the design, Kevin’s attention to detail and his knowledge base resulted in the client’s request to also build their home.

In 2008, during the crash of the real estate market and home building becoming nonexistent, Kevin began to focus on kitchen, bathroom, and home remodeling – just about anything that had to do with the home, he became involved in!

Kevin’s overall experiences in the detailed aspects of designing and home building lead to his development of IDG’s millworks division. During the course of projects, clients desired various items for their homes that were not customized enough to meet their needs or aesthetics of the home. Therefore, Kevin began designing and creating customized items, such as doors, cabinetry, counter tops, coordinated pet furniture, and other furniture pieces, in order to perfect the design and decor needed for the home.